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PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: procurement of drones and batteries for them for the Ukrainian military

COST: UAH 280,000/pc

Drones in the current conditions at the front are a guarantor of high-quality aerial reconnaissance and determination of the enemy's positions, which in the future ensures a quick and prompt gain of advantage on the battlefield, especially in conditions when the enemy constantly changes its positions. Thanks to drones, our defenders adjust the fire of our artillery. But the enemy, realizing the importance of drones on the battlefield, spends a lot of effort to destroy our drones.


It is worth noting that at the front, there is far from always an opportunity and time to recharge the batteries of the drone. The average time of charging the battery of the drone is 25 - 35 minutes, because of this it is also necessary to purchase additional batteries for each drone.

If you have the opportunity to support this project, make your contribution with the payment designation "Charity assistance for drones for the military".

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