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Charity fundraiser to help newborn babies

Dear colleagues and friends!

In Ukraine at the moment  it is a very difficult time, where absolutely everyone needs help - from the unborn child to the elderly. And it is at such a time that many people who need expensive treatment or a newly equipped clinic remain without help. 

We were contacted by the Kyiv City Maternity Hospital No. 2, Department of Intensive Care for Newborns, which helps newborns with various problems to become healthy and happy children. 

The maternity hospital needs:

  • Neonatal circuits for ventilators

  • Viral and bacterial filters for ventilators

These circuits are expensive and currently beyond the reach of hospitals. But this does not stop the illnesses of young Ukrainians who need an immediate reaction and help from doctors. 

We are asking for your help in collecting funds for the purchase of contours and filters for newborn babies. Every hryvnia of yours is an invaluable contribution to the lives of small citizens. 

You can make a charitable contribution at your own discretion using the button below. After collecting funds and purchasing everything necessary, reports will be provided  HERE .

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