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Walkie-talkies for the military


PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: bypurchase of radios for the Ukrainian military.

The cost of one walkie-talkie: UAH 40,000

High-quality and well-established communication is often the key to the successful execution of combat missions. Walkie-talkies are an element that is constantly in demand among military personnel, as during the execution of tasks, walkie-talkies can break, get lost, fail, in other words, it is a constant need at the front. Our Charitable Foundation tries to provide our defenders with quality communication, so the priority items are Portable, digital VHF Motorola 2, 4, 5, 8 series and Hyterra radios. Join the walkie-talkie fundraiser for our boys and girls, so you contribute to the victory of our soldiers at the front.


If you have the opportunity to support this project, make your contribution with the payment designation "Charitable assistance for the purchase of radios".

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