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PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: fundraising for the purchase of components for 1,000 individual tactical first-aid kits for the Ukrainian military.

The cost of one first-aid kit: UAH 3,800 - 4,500

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Even in the most critical situations at the front, having a tactical first aid kit at hand can save lives. Currently, our boys and girls at the front have a need for a large number of tactical first-aid kits. By supporting this project, you help our team provide our defenders with individual first-aid kits and protective equipment, which are now critically important on the front. Every hryvnia can save the lives of those who are protecting you and defending Ukraine right now, preventing the enemy from advancing, join the fundraiser for the purchase of 1,000 tactical first-aid kits, because it is your contribution that can save more than one life at the front and bring Ukraine closer to victory in war


If you have the opportunity to support this project, make your contribution with the payment designation "Charitable assistance for the collection of first-aid kits".

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