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If you want to help Ukraine in such a difficult time, please make a charitable donation using the button below, or the following bank details.

або використовуючи реквізити

Якщо ви можете допомогти конкретними матеріалами, продукцією, справами чи послугами, заповніть форму нижче:

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OR, you can also help with a good deed by joining the volunteer team:

Funds collected by the Charitable Organization "Charitable Fund "WE ARE UKRAINE" will be directed to support the Ukrainian military, medical institutions, and shelters for displaced persons on an ongoing basis. By paying a charitable contribution through the "Fondy" payment system or in the case of using the details of the "Charitable Fund "WE ARE UKRAINE", you confirm this action and also agree that the amount of the donation is non-refundable.

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